Market response to the Premier 1 has been a little mixed. Originally designed to compete in the same market as the Citation CJ1/CJ2, and officially launched in 1995. With its first flight in 1998. This initial design came from Raytheon and is constructed from high strength Carbon fibre composite. Powered by two Williams FJ44-2A engines, the aircraft has a maximum speed of 461 knots and range of 1645 nautical miles. Typically the Premier 1 is configured with a 6 place cabin made up of a club 4 arrangement and two further forward facing seats. The Premier 1 also has a partitioned WC facility at the rear of the cabin. Cabin size is good for this class of aeroplane with cabin height at 1.65m, length at 4.11m and 1.68m wide.

Many initial snags in the Premier 1 have been addressed with the Premier 1A upgrade. Over 260 Premier 1 aircraft were produced though Hawker Beechcraft have now discontinued production of this aircraft. The Premier 1A has 77 cubic feet of luggage capacity though caution does need to be exercised as aircraft performance falls away quickly against payload on this aircraft. All in all the Premier 1A has a superb, well appointed cabin for its class. Its cruise speed advantage over its Cessna Citation counterparts is a huge advantage.

Used Premier 1 aircraft are available on the market at something in the region of $1.5m.

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