Several developments of the Citation Jet were rolled out by Cessna in the 90’s. The CJ1 was essentially a CJ with updated EFIS avionics, increased maximum take off weight and spanned serial numbers from 360 to 599. The first aircraft were delivered in Q4 of 2000. Range is about 1250 nautical miles on the CJ1 with cruise speed around the 400 knots mark. A comfortable aircraft for trips of around 3 hrs with 5 passengers.

The CJ2 is a stretched variant of the CJ1. The cabin is 35 inches longer with a 17 inch tail cone extension to allow for 6 passengers in the main cabin. The CJ2 has uprated Williams FJ44-2C engines, larger wing span, and more cabin windows than its predecessor.

The Citation CJ3 is a yet longer version of the CJ2 aircraft. It first flew in 2003 and deliveries began in December 2004. Powered by Williams FJ44-3A engines, Rockwell Collins ProLine avionics, the CJ3 will fly up to 7 passengers with maximum range of 1875 nautical miles. This aircraft will cruise at 410 knots giving something in the region of 4 to 4.5hrs endurance. The CJ3 is around $8m new with used examples changing hands at anything from $2.9m.

Citation CJ4 was introduced in 2006 sporting a fuselage stretch of 2 feet over the CJ3. The CJ4 was also designed with a new shallow sweep wing with first deliveries in 2010. As well as these new elements, Cessna have incorporated cutting edge entertainment and communication systems in this aircraft. This aircraft also has excellent luggage carrying ability for an aircraft in this class allowing for 76 cubic feet of dedicated luggage hold. Engines are upgraded to FADEC Williams FJ44-4A’s that will propel the CJ4 from 0 to 45,000ft in 28 minutes. Range is increased to 1930 nautical miles with cruise at around 430 knots. Typical city pairs include Edinburgh to Istanbul, Stockholm to Casablanca and Raleigh to Mexico City. Used Citation CJ4 aircraft are on the market at around $7m.

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