Probably one of the most renowned private jets ever to be made, the Learjet series of aircraft were the forefathers of today’s private jet market. The first ever flight of a Learjet took place on 7 October 1963. Widespread commercial success came with the introduction of the Lear 31/35 version of this legendary design. The Lear 31 first flew in 1987. One of the key selling points of any Learjet is the ability to operate up to 51,000 ft. Not many civilian aircraft are cleared to this level. In addition the long range Learjet 31ER had, even by todays standards, superb range for its class @ 1900nm. The Lear 31 is also relatively fast with cruise at around 450 knots. Typical configurations are between 6 and 8 passengers. The Learjet 31 is powered by 2 Garrett TFE 731 turbofans.

The Lear 35 was based on the Lear 23, 24 and 25. Essentially the 35 had a stretched cabin, with this more cabin windows and seating for up to 8 passengers. Certification for the Lear 35 was granted in July 1974.

Learjet was bought by Bombardier in 1990 and continue to develop new variants from the original Learjet design.

Learjet aircraft have a high approach speed and thus the runway performance is generally considered less than its competitors in class. Landing at an airport with a short runway with high passenger loads can sometimes be problematic.

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