Frankfurt is only the fifth largest city in Germany with around 700,000 inhabitants living in the city. It has an important role in Europe as one of the main financial centres of the world behind London and New York. The European Central Bank is based in Frankfurt along with the likes of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and the Deutsche Bundesbank  headquartered in the city. Many high profile events are hosted in Frankfurt including the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the Frankfurt book fair. Famous landmarks in Frankfurt include Romer, St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the Commerzbank Arena. Frankfurt has a wealth of cultural attractions with over 30 museums to visit charting the history of German Architecture, Film, Applied Arts, Modern Art and Communication to name only a few. Frankfurt is widely credited as the birthplace of Trance Music, and much of the city’s nightlife is tailored to this genre. Frankfurt has 3 main airports – Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Hahn and also Frankfurt Egelbasch. The latter is mainly dedicated to general aviation. Frankfurt Hahn is actually around 75 miles from the city centre and so most travellers tend to use Frankfurt Main. When in Frankfurt: -        Visit the Christmas Market, though obviously end of November / beginning of December is the best time to do this. -        Take in the fine art at the Staedel Museum -        Climb Main Tower for a view of the city from 200 metres. -        Feast your eyes on the charms of the Botanical Gardens at Palmengarten -        Explore the historic city hall at the Frankfurter Roemer -        Cheer for the local team at the Commerzbank Arena Execflyer have a range of private jets and helicopters that fly to Frankfurt For more information on private jet charter and helicopter options to Frankfurt please contact the team at Execflyer on +44 (0)1252 416343 or email