Teterboro airport is only 12 miles from Manhatten and serves as the main airport utilised by private jet flights operating into New York. The airport is spread over 830 acres and it employs over 1,100 employees in total. Throughout the First World War, Teterboro was home to the North American Aviation factory and later was where Fokker aircraft were based. During World War II the US Army operated from the facility until it was  acquired by the New York Port Authority in 1949. In 2003 a federal bill was issused to ban all aircraft weighing in excess of 45 tonnes from the airport due to the effects of noise pollution on the surrounding community. It is now an airport with a predominant private aviation bias with much of this traffic generated by private jet flights in and out of New York. Teterboro’s longest runway is 7000 feet and is equipped with ILS, VASI and PAPI’s On average Teterboro airport has over 400 movements a day comprising Private jets, helicopters, air taxi aircraft and a small number of military aircraft. For more information on private jet charter and helicopter flights to Teterboro please contact our team on +44 (0)1252 416343 or email fly@execflyer.com