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In recent weeks, Execflyer have been working to secure the capability to move higher numbers of passengers than standard business jet aircraft in the market. Adding new aircraft translates to being able to offer flights that can accommodate 20 to 189 passengers across turbo prop and jet airliner categories. For sports teams, music tours, film and tv crews, this means bespoke airline charter flight travel exactly where you need it, when you need it. In addition to increased passenger carrying capability Execflyer are also able to include freight. If you are a band on tour then our aircraft will carry a wide array of stage equipment. For a film crew we are able to accommodate camera, broadcast, lighting and sound equipment. Overall payload obviously depends on how many passengers are on board, route distance and luggage.

On board passengers can expect the very latest in flight entertainment and bespoke catering appropriate to time and day and budget. Modern seating and good pitch allow a comfortable flight with the option of lie flat capability for some passengers on longer sectors.

For promotional tours, music tours or film crews aircraft can be branded to suit, ensuring that any PR at airports reinforces the message of our clients. Of course if discretion is the preferred approach then this fits well with our default.

For more information on short haul or long haul airline charter flights please contact fly@execflyer.com or call +44 207 993 8368