Cessna Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+


Cessna Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+

Probably one of the best selling aircraft in the Cessna Citation stable of aircraft the Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ has good intermediate range for upto 9 passengers coupled with relatively low operational costs. The Citation Excel was announced in 1994 and by the time the aircraft was certified Cessna were sitting on 200 orders. At its peak, Cessna’s Excel production was delivering one aircraft every 3 days with 308 being delivered in total.

The Citation Excel has one of the best cabins in its class and on top of this a superb safety record. It has range of 1,650 nautical miles with cruise around the 425 knots region. This is a very popular aircraft with pilots due to ease of operation. Fuel configuration can be set prior to departure on a flight and the avionics manage the flight characteristics to coincide with this profile. Avionics consist of the Honeywell Primus 1000 suite.

This aircraft has long been the backbone of many European charter operations, though now is superseded by the upgraded XLS/XLS+ variants.

Citation XLS has increased range to 1,700 nautical miles with cruise at 432 knots. It can carry up to 7,540 lbs. The XLS can climb to 43,000 ft in 25 minutes, a significant inprovement over its precessor, giving rise to greatly increased fuel efficicencies. This aircraft is also fitted with upgraded Pratt and Whitenye PW545 engines producing greater thrust than those incorporated into the Citation Excel design.

The latest version the Citation Excel series is the XLS+. Visually the XLS+ has a slightly longer, more pointed nose derived from the Citation Sovereign. Range on the XLS+ is increased to 1,858 nautical miles, with max cruise at 441 knots. Both the XLS and XLS+ have much improved climbing performance when compared to the original Excel. The luggage hold privdes 80 cubic feet of luggage and the ability to hold up to 700lbs of luggage. Its Honeywell APU can power all internal systems and air conditioning without the need to run the engines. The XLS+ will easily cover distances such as St Petersburg to Cairo, Los Angeles to Chicago and London to Moscow.

The XLS+ new list price is currently $12.75m with used examples at $8.5m+.

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