Cessna Citation Sovereign


Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is the largest aircraft currently operating in the Citation range. It has the ability to accommodate up to 10 passengers in a stand up cabin incorporating state of the art cabin management and entertainment systems. On-board Wi-fi is standard.

Avionics in the new generation Citation Sovereign are provided courtesy of the Garmin G5000 suite with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) and electronic charts. Maximum cruise on the Sovereign is 458 knots and two Pratt and Whitney 306D engines provide 5,800lbs thrust to power this aircraft to its maximum service ceiling of 47,000ft. The Citation Sovereign has excellent runway performance requiring only 3,650ft for take off and 2,680 ft on landing. Such performance opens up a wide range of small regional airports that the Sovereign can operate from.

Cessna have in recent years introduced their engineering diagnostic facilities so that any technical issues are relayed to the manufacture automatically and plans are made to rectify any problems and the next available airport. This ability to remotely monitor the aircraft systems significantly leading to less down time and increased utility. On top of this the engines have a 6,000 hour time before overhaul requirement which will of course keep engineering costs to a minimum on this aircraft.

New list price on a Citation Sovereign private jet is $17.895m. Used Sovereign aircraft can be seen in the market place listed from $6.8m for an early serial number.

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