Aircraft Charter

Execflyer offers bespoke helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft charter services to discerning customers on a “pay as you fly” basis. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, saving you time and money.

If you want to fly in luxurious surroundings, either on vacation or to make it on time to that all-important business meeting, why not charter a private jet? Execflyer has access to one of the biggest networks of private jets, VLJs and turboprops in the world: we can take you anywhere, any time, and it would be our absolute pleasure to do so.

For short-hops and destinations without a runway, we also offer helicopter charter. This comfortable, rapid transport solution enables you go directly to your meeting, hotel or golf course with no time spent stuck in traffic.

When you need to move precious or dangerous cargo, and need to guarantee its delivery on time, call upon Execflyer’s charter cargo services. Weight and volume are no barrier as we can utilise anything from a light twin right up to an Mi-26 helicopter. Our staff are professional and highly discrete, and we draw upon years of experience and worldwide contacts to ensure maximum security for your cargo.


Specialist Aviation Services

Specialist aviation services demand a company with experience, because lives and assets depend on getting it right first time. At Execflyer we provide special mission aircraft; aerial evacuation and KNR operational support; aircraft services for the oil, gas and mining industries; and aerial filming solutions.

Execflyer is the industry leader in the acquisition, leasing and management of special mission aircraft. It is a substantial component of our business. We have particular expertise in the acquisition and leasing of Russian aircraft, including a range of a range of Antonov and Ilyushin models, and undertake all necessary modifications to ensure the aircraft is a perfect fit for your projects.

Our aerial evacuation and KNR team sensitively handles the emergency evacuation of individuals and groups at short notice from anywhere in the world, including from oil and gas rigs in remote or inhospitable locations. Our fast response time saves lives and saves assets, and where necessary we will provide specialist security escorts, protecting your staff, cargo and the aircraft.

Last of all, you can add production value to any film or episode with Execflyer’s aerial filming solutions. We provide air-to-air and air-to-ground options for Hollywood blockbusters and small-budget indies alike.

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For all of your executive travel arrangements and tailored travel requirements, no matter where, when or how, Execflyer offers a second-to-none service. Attention to detail is critical. Discretion is key.

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