Chartering a VLJ or turboprop aircraft has all the benefits of travel by private jet: it is convenient, saves you time, and of course you can fly in the utmost comfort and with none of the usual hassle at the airport. Air taxi charters are often heralded as the prime low-cost private air travel option, but this doesn’t mean that you are cutting corners. Did you know that, even putting cost to one side, there are still some circumstances in which a VLJ or turboprop can be a better option than chartering a private jet? Propeller driven aircraft have significantly shorter take-off and landing distances than jet planes, giving you access to a far greater range of airfields and therefore in many cases actually bringing you closer to your end destination.

At Execflyer all our staff are qualified pilots. We understand these crucial differences between different types and models of aircraft, we know the airfields intimately, and we can draw upon one of the biggest networks of planes and helicopters in the world to ensure you get exactly the right aircraft for your journey, always at a competitive price. It is our job and our pleasure to listen to and understand your needs (even if you are new to air taxi charter and find it hard to articulate them) and to tailor you an air charter experience that will exceed your expectations, from the moment you make your first enquiry, right through to when you step off the plane.

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