Execflyer offers bespoke turn-key private and AOC management solutions to discerning, yet still budget conscious, aircraft owners, with round the clock customer service. We help with aircraft leasing, acquisition, aircraft management and sales, so you can simply focus on flying.

Our leasing and acquisitions team works hard to understand your needs and to match them closely with an aircraft that is suitable, affordable and sustainable. Our acquisitions history covers not only turboprops and private jets but also airlines, cargo planes and special mission aircraft (our particularly speciality), so our breadth of product knowledge is wide, ensuring you get the best aircraft and the best price.

We manage all kinds of aircraft, and nothing is too big, too small or too unusual because every management plan is custom built in response to the customer’s needs. Our services are both both practical and bureaucratic. We provide provision and rostering of flight crews, cleaning and aircraft maintenance, concierge services and HOTAC, as well as insurance, landing and overflight permits, aircraft registration, database and flight manual updates. If you are not using your aircraft all the time, tell us and we can place it on an AOC for you to help offset the operating costs.

Aircraft Acquisition Partner with Execflyer to find the right aircraft for your mission at a price you can’t refuse.

It is a serious decision to buy an aircraft, and whether it is your first purchase or your hundredth, it is one that you have to get right if the aircraft purchase is going to be suitable, affordable and sustainable. …

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Aircraft Leasing Execflyer offers cost-effective long- and short-term lease solutions for all kinds of aircraft and helicopters.

At Execflyer we understand that flexibility is important: you might need to lease an aircraft for a few days whilst your own jet is in for repairs, or it may be that a longer-term lease is on the cards. We …

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Aircraft Management Execflyer offer bespoke aircraft management services

At Execflyer we understand that every aircraft owner has different needs, and so rather than presenting you with a one-size-fits-no one management service, we take the time to sit down with you, listen and create a bespoke product that gives …

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Aircraft Sales Trust Execflyer to generate you the best possible price for your aircraft sale.

Selling your aircraft can be a time-consuming and sometimes challenging business, but at Execflyer we work on your behalf to make the process as simple, efficient and fast as possible whilst still generating you the best possible sale price for …

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