It is a serious decision to buy an aircraft, and whether it is your first purchase or your hundredth, it is one that you have to get right if the aircraft purchase is going to be suitable, affordable and sustainable.

At Execflyer we have years of experience acquiring aircraft on behalf of clients. We have the technical expertise and the industry connections to identify and acquire exactly what you need, even if you are not entirely sure yourself. We take into consideration not only the most suitable aircraft types, but also your expected ownership period and budget. Our acquisitions history covers not only turboprops and private jets but also airlines, cargo planes and special mission aircraft (our particularly speciality), so our breadth of product knowledge is wide, ensuring you get the best aircraft and the best price.

Aircraft acquisition is not limited to choosing a certain aircraft and paying for it: we go through a myriad of steps to ensure the aircraft is both suitable and safe for you. These steps include aircraft sourcing, pre-purchase inspections, flight tests, re-registration, maintenance, interior decoration and delivery flights. This is all done to make sure your new aircraft is in optimum condition as soon as you take delivery. All Execflyer staff are qualified pilots as well as on top of the latest trends and developments in aircraft design and safety, so you can be confident that the aircraft you acquire meets with the highest possible standards across the board.

There’s no need to go it alone when you purchase an aircraft. If you wish to syndicate the aircraft we can identify prospective co-owners on your behalf, and this service is available even to existing aircraft owners: it is an attractive option as it frees up capital for future acquisitions you may wish to make.