At Execflyer we understand that flexibility is important: you might need to lease an aircraft for a few days whilst your own jet is in for repairs, or it may be that a longer-term lease is on the cards. We can offer you a solution that will fit the bill.

Execflyer offers all kinds of aircraft leasing services, from turboprops and private jets to airlines, specialist aircraft and helicopters. You can choose between short (1-12 month) and long (12+ month) leases, and even get an emergency lease for a few days while your own aircraft is out of action for maintenance reasons, or otherwise unavailable. We offer dry, wet and ACMI leases and take the time to understand exactly what you need, crafting a bespoke leasing proposal quickly and affordably. Our leasing services extend well beyond the basic lease: we can provision leased aircraft, position and de-position them for you, and offer a range of aircraft management services.

If you are not going to be using your own aircraft for a while, why not let us lease it out on your behalf? This flexible solution provides a return on your capital investment and removes your operating costs, but the aircraft remains yours and will still be available to you when you need it. We set up lease structures on behalf of aircraft owners, actively market aircraft available for lease, file re-registration papers and manage the oversight of leases on behalf of the aircraft owner, making the process as simple, and stress-free as possible.