At Execflyer we understand that every aircraft owner has different needs, and so rather than presenting you with a one-size-fits-no one management service, we take the time to sit down with you, listen and create a bespoke product that gives you exactly what you want and need. We accurately forecast maintenance downtime and crew coverage on your behalf, leaving you to focus your attention on other more important things. We also recognise that your requirements might change over time, sometimes quite suddenly, and so our professional staff are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to give you maximum flexibility and therefore get the most out of your aircraft.

We manage all kinds of aircraft, from short-range helicopters and turboprops to private jets, airliners and cargo planes. Nothing is too bit, too small or too unusual because every management plan is custom built. We can combine aircraft acquisition and management to provide you with a seamless all-in-one turn-key service, or you can pick and choose from amongst the many services we offer.

At Execflyer we pride ourselves on offering our clients a wide range of high quality services, both practical and bureaucratic. Years of experience with all manner of aircraft means we can make knowledgeable recommendations on insurance, and advise you on landing and overflight permits, aircraft registration, database and flight manual updates and all other forms of essential yet time-consuming paperwork. Our practical assistance extends to provision and rostering of flight crews, cleaning and aircraft maintenance, concierge services and HOTAC, all of which require expert handling if they are to be done with maximum efficiency. If you are not using your aircraft all the time, tell us and we can place it on an AOC for you to help offset the operating costs by making your aircraft asset work for you.

Execflyer also employs specialists in the management and operation of special mission aircraft and this sets us apart from our mainstream competitors. We are able to operate your aircraft safely, affordably and at short notice in desolate and hostile environments, enabling you to concentrate on the serious job in hand without being distracted by aircraft management issues. Leave those in our capable hands.