Execflyer is a specialist provider of aircraft charter, acquisition, leasing and management services for companies operating internationally in the oil, gas and mining sectors, including in remote and hostile environments. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff deploy the time and effort that is essential to get to know your operational needs and to identify and provide suitable, affordable aircraft solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. This work includes specific modifications to aircraft and the provision of payload and equipment whenever it is applicable for your mission.

Execflyer operates a completely discrete service, and all of our professional staff work on a need-to-know basis to ensure both the confidentiality and, critically, the security of your operations. Our objective is to provide you with cost-effective, reliable and fast solutions for regular re-supply operations, crew rotations and emergency staff evacuations, including from remote or threatened installations on land and at sea, and our strong track record in the field underlines our commitment to and capacity for delivery.

We are also able to provide cargo aircraft for the safe and secure transfer of precious ores and stones from mines in environments where ground transportation is not considered a viable or secure option. Our aircraft, including helicopters, light aircraft and heavy-lift cargo planes, can be hired alone, or deployed along with an experienced security escort to increase the level of safety for passengers, cargo and the aircraft whilst it is on the ground. We have years of experience in handling high-risk missions, and our staff (many of whom are ex special forces) will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate aircraft solutions available.