Execflyer is proud to be the industry leader in the acquisition, leasing and management of special mission aircraft and it is a substantial component of our business. We recognise the utmost importance of matching the right kind of aircraft with the client’s needs, and also undertake all necessary modifications to ensure the aircraft we deliver you is a perfect fit for your projects. This includes the provision of additional equipment and payloads where necessary. Our service is professional and highly discrete, and all information we receive, right from your initial enquiry, is handled on a need-to-know basis to ensure absolute confidentiality for your operations.

At Execflyer we have particular expertise in the acquisition and leasing of Russian aircraft, including the acquisition, lease and charter of a range of Antonov and Ilyushin models. We are able to source and supply rugged cargo aircraft capable of operating from unprepared dirt runways in hot and high conditions (notably the C-130, AN-12, AN-26, AN-32, AN-72, AN-74 and IL-18), as well as helicopters suitable for operations in hostile environments (including the Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26 and KA-226). Contact us also about providing ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) aircraft for worldwide missions, and parachute aircraft fully equipped for static-line and free-fall operations.

In addition to providing special mission aircraft, Execflyer also offers a broad range of special mission equipment to lease or buy. This includes cameras, FLIR (forward-looking infrared imaging systems), thermal imaging, RADAR, LIDAR (light radar), and hyper spectral and magnetic detection payloads.