Private Jet Update as COVID19 restrictions begin to lift

What was a luxury for some has now become a necessity for many as the world recovers from a global pandemic. To adapt we at Execflyer have embraced new ways of working to ensure we continue to keep our clients safe.

Flights we have undertaken so far during the pandemic have been subject to increased paperwork and checks as clients move across borders. We take care of the majority of this paperwork ahead of the flight, though passengers are expected to complete documents themselves before entering a country.

Not all country boundaries have been opened so we urge our valued clients to check on line to ensure that they can enter the country they are travelling to without issue. We of course also apply for permits to land in a specific country. We obviously do not get airborne unless cleared to land at the destination.

We recommend that our private jet passengers carry face masks for any public area such as airport lounges. Civil Aviation Authority advice recommends limited contact between passengers and crew, and so service on flights will be reduced in terms of catering and general contact between the passengers and the flight attendant.

Aircraft are all being subject to deep cleaning and sanitisation between flights with particular attention to touch points in and around the aircraft.

As jet travel volumes begin to increase, so too do the number of empty leg sectors being generated. These are being updated on a frequent basis so please do check in at

For us at Execflyer we are striving to maintain a balance between keeping safe and allowing our clients to operate day to day within the boundaries of government guidelines. It is a fast moving situation and we will continue to monitor ensuring safe operations for all.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to make contact

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