Agusta 109


Agusta 109

The Agusta 109 is a light, twin engine helicopter manufactured by Agusta Westland since 1976. Early Agusta 109’s struggled with range versus payload issues though later variants such as the Agusta 109E Power and Agusta 109S Grand have not only seen an increase in cabin volume, but also longer rotor blades and more powerful Pratt & Whitney engines. Since this helicopter was first introduced 22 variants of the Agusta 109 have been built both for civillian and military operators.

The Agusta has a retractable undercarriage allowing clean aerodynamic flight. It has a maximum cruise of 154 knots and range of just over 500 nautical miles. Its speed and range have made it a very popular aircraft for air ambulance operations with its modern avionics package ensuring that flying such a complex machine comes with a realitvely light pilot workload.

Typical passenger configuration in the Agusta 109 is for six passengers, usually one in the front with the pilot and five passengers in a club configuration to the rear. The Agusta 109 is a very popular aircraft for corporate and private helicopter charter work as it is the fastest civilian helicopter currently on the market.

Early Agusta 109 aircraft are for sale from $700k with new Agusta 109S Grand helicopters listing at $6.5m

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