Bell 206 JetRanger


Bell 206 JetRanger

By far one of the most widely recognised helicopters in the world, the Bell 206 JetRanger was introduced in 1967 and produced until 2010. In that time over 7,300 helicopters were produced at the Bell facility in Quebec.

Originally designed for military operations, the Bell 206 JetRanger has gone on to work in a number of roles including corporate transportation, news “Eye in the Sky” services, military training and air ambulance work. Its capability was proved when in 1982 Ross Perot and Jay Coburn became the first pilots to fly a helicopter around the world.

Typical configuration for the Jetranger includes one pilot and four passengers. It has a cruise speed of 110 knots with a maximum speed of 130 knots. Range is 374 nautical miles and the Bell 206 JetRanger can operate up to a service ceiling of 13,500ft.

Numerous versions of the Bell 206 have emerged since its introduction including the Bell 206L Longranger with increased cabin space allowing transport of six passengers in total; five in the rear and one in the front with the pilot. The Bell 206 is a single engine helicopter and so is limited to commercial charter operations in daylight VFR conditions only.

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